September 2012: The Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) Annual Conference, Bristol: 

                     "The UK, the EU, the US and the Right to be Forgotten"


March 2012: BILETA 27th Annual Conference, Northumbria University, Newcastle: "The right to an online identity"

April 2012: Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, De Montfort University, Leicester:

                    "Privacy and the Phantom Tollbooth"

September 2011: Human Rights in the Digital Era conference, Leeds: "The right to an online identity"

September 2011: The Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) Annual Conference, Cambridge: 

                     "The Internet: A New Frontier for Human Rights"

June 2011: GiKii VI, Gothenberg, Sweden:

                     "What Muad’Dib can teach us about personal data…


                      Personal data as the spice melange in the online world.”

April 2011: British & Irish Law, Education and Technology Association (BILETA) 26th Annual Conference, Manchester:

                     “Can we keep your data please?’ and other necessary questions…”

April 2011: Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights (CCJHR), University College Cork, Law Postgraduate Conference:

                     “Privacy, Anonymity and Identity: a new balance for the Internet”

September 2010: SLS Annual Conference: “The Human Rights Act Ten Years On”

                      “Taking back control – a rights-based approach to the gathering, processing and holding of personal data in the online environment”

April 2010: CCJHR Law Postgraduate Conference: “Borders of Justice: Locating the Law in Times of Transition”

                      “The right to delete: control over personal data in the commercial Internet era”

March 2010: BILETA 25th Annual Conference, Vienna, Austria

                      “Collaborative Consent: harnessing the strengths of the internet for consent in the online environment”

January 2010: Third annual Conference, Computers, Privacy and Data Protection, Brussels, Belgium

                      “Rise and Phall: Lessons from the Phorm Saga”

April 2009: CCJHR Law Postgraduate Conference: The Promise of Law: Political Claims and the Boundaries of Justice

                     “Privacy, Autonomy and the Symbiotic Web”

April 2009: BILETA 24th Annual Conference, Winchester

                     “Web 2.5: The Symbiotic Web”

October 2008: UCL Law Graduates Networking Conference: 21st Century Legal Issues

                     “Data wars and data laws: data protection, data retention and the struggle over personal data on the Internet”

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